This Month On Celibate and The Suburbs

Happy Mother Fucking Black History Month.

For the entire month of February I will be celebrating Black love stories on my podcast Celibate and the suburbs. Each week, I’ll dive into a new Black romance, discuss my critiques and favorite moments, and more importantly, if it’s a Romantic Comedy or not.

Starting on February 3rd, I’ll be talking about the Netflix Original Movie “Nappily Ever After.” It chronicles a Black woman’s hair journey as well as her romantic journey. I’ve watched it once before and really enjoyed it, but I also don’t remember much about the plot. I picked this movie primarily because of the fact that it also talks about Black hair and specifically the journey that Black women go through with their natural hair. It’s a point of privelage for white people that I know so many things about white haircare and white hairstyles, while their knowledge of Black hair taps out at braids and weaves.

Next up, a CLASSIC, “Love and Basketball.” I haven’t seen this before, but I know it’s one of the premier Black romantic movies. It’s not entirely a comedy, but we can talk about that more later. You can watch this for free on Hulu. I picked it because it is such a classic. When you search “Black Rom Com” or “Black Romance Movie” it’s always one of the first to pop up.

3rd up is another Black romance staple, “Last Holiday” starring the ever amazing Queen Latifah. A Fat Black lead? Sign me the FUCK up. I picked it for just that reason. Queen Latifah is someone I have always looked up to and admired, and this is a movie I’ve never actually seen, so obviously I need to watch it. You can watch this for free on Sling, or rent it on RedBox, Google Play, Youtube, or Amazon Prime. I

Lastly, a new one from Amazon Prime, “Sylvie’s Love.” This came out a few weeks ago, months probably at this point, but what even is time, and the second I saw the trailer I knew I had to talk about it on the podcast. From what I can tell, it’s not a comedy, but more of a romantic drama. It starts with a summer romance, and comes back when the characters have both gone their separate ways after years. I think it’ll be a goodie, and I’m excited to watch it!

Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Anchor, I don’t fucking care. Just listen to it every Wednesday.

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