Celibate and the Suburbs: Nappily Ever After

We’re kicking off the Black History Month celebrations here at Biracial Booty with a Netlfix Original Romantic Comedy. Or… Well.. It’s more of a Breakup Com than a Rom Com, but if you listen to the episode of Celibate and the Suburbs, you’ll find out more.

This week on Celibate and the Suburbs I talked about the Netflix movie, Nappily Ever After, a story about a Black women’s hair journey and her love life.

I picked this movie to start Black History Month because of the fact that it’s about Black Hair. Something that isn’t really in the media all that often. I know so much about white hair, without having white hair, and that’s a fucking privilege. I know next to nothing about Black hair, about my own fucking hair. So this movie has a personal touch to it, but also a little bit of education for all the white folks out there. So go watch the movie, and then listen to the podcast, please and thank you kindly.

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