Listen To My “I Just Want To Live Inside A Romantic Comedy” Playlist

If you’re not well aware that I’m obsessed with Romantic Comedies, well, I think you may need to pay more attention. They’ve always been my favorite genre, which is why my podcast, Celibate and The Suburbs, is centered around exploring different RomComs and so many of my blogs are related to love and dating. Since I was young I’ve loved the dramatic declarations of love, the meet cutes, and the happiness that comes from falling in love. Have I ever fallen in love myself? Big fat no, but I can still appreciate on screen love.

I think part of what makes RomComs special are the soundtracks. The songs that make you happy and want to fall in love, the songs that make you miss your ex, the songs that just scream “big kiss” moment. There’s songs that are associated with Romantic Comedies, and then there are songs that just have the feel of a romantic comedy, you can just picture it being played.

I started this playlist after listening to Anything Can Happen by Ellie Goulding, because it is a peak RomCom song. Anything can happen in Romantic Comedies. You can fall in love with a stranger, your boss, your roommate, your neighbor, anything can happen! My New Girl fans also know Green Light and Anything Can Happen are PEAK Nick and Jess as moments.

I’ve been bopping to this the last couple days, living my best RomCom life, hoping for a meet cute. I’m not entirely sure how I can have a meet cute in the middle of a pandemic when I’m not really leaving my house, but it’s fine, I’ll figure it out. Am I setting my standards entirely too high, probably. But ye who doesn’t have high standards, be happy they will not. Not sure what sentence structure that is.. Yoda mixed with Shakespeare I guess, so sorry. Anyways. Listen to my playlist. Live your best romcom life.

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