Single Girls Valentines Day Playlist

Valentine’s Day is upon us. And for the forever single folks like me, it’s mildly bittersweet. Don’t get me wrong, I fucking love Valentine’s Day, a day dedicated to chocolate, love, and the color pink? Sign me the FUCK up. But perhaps just once I would like a guy to buy me chocolate instead of my mom? (Mom if you’re reading this, still buy me chocolate until forever.)

We all know that I love romance and I love love, but sometimes straight up love songs are fucking cheesy and depressing. A playlist of love songs for Valentine’s Day is so cliche and boring and lame, so here I give you a single bad bitch playlist. It’s breakup songs, it’s bad bitch songs, it’s single girl club songs, it’s a fucking banger of a playlist. Everyone from One Direction to Jo Jo (not Siwa) to Whitney Houston, there are bangerz only on this playlist. So listen with your gal pals (safely in this covid world) and crack open some wine, and don’t text your ex. Or do text your ex, I’ll probably be doing some reckless texting, so I can’t really be judging anyone.

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