The Official TATB 3: Always and Forever Drinking Game

You’ve been knew that I’m fucking obsessed with the To All The Boys movies, well, the first one at least, the second one is definitively not great. Hopefully the third one is better, I’m watching it for the first time tonight with my friends. I’m celebrating Galentine’s day this weekend, and as per tradition, we need a TATB drinking game to get us fucking going. So I present to you, what I’m hoping is a great drinking game for this movie, seeing as I haven’t seen it yet. I will be updating this accordingly after I have watched it, and there will be more blogs and a podcast about it as well. Don’t you people worry.

Image result for to all the boys i loved before gif

Take A Sip

  • Every time Lara Jean narrates
  • They reference that it’s senior year
  • Every sassy remark from Kitty
  • Every time they use someone’s full name (first and last)
  • If you’re overwhelmed by the amount of blue and yellow on screen
  • You’re confused by the climate of Oregon
  • You remember this takes place in Oregon
  • You think “that’s unrealistic” about their college choices
  • There’s a banger of a song playing in the background

Keep drinking until the end of…

  • An overhead drone shot of a car driving
  • A middle school flashback
  • An On-screen text convo

Finish Your Drink

  • after a PK/LJ fight
  • if you cry during the movie
  • if Peter says “woah woah woah”

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