The UPDATED Official TATB 3: Always and Forever Drinking Game

Yesterday I posted The Official TATB 3 Drinking Game, but that was before I watched it. So, since I watched it yesterday, and it’s Galentine’s Day AND a long weekend, I figured I would update this so you can really get the most out of your viewing experience. I didn’t change it all that much, but this is now a little bit more specific to the third movie, as opposed to what I pulled together based on the first two movies.

Image result for to all the boys i loved before gif

Take A Sip

  • Every time Lara Jean narrates
  • They reference that it’s senior year
  • Every sassy remark from Kitty
  • They mention Stanford of NYU
  • There’s a banger of a song playing in the background

Keep drinking until the end of…

  • An overhead drone shot of a car driving
  • A Lara Jean flash-forward day dream
  • An On-screen text convo

Finish Your Drink

  • after a PK/LJ “non fight” – AKA every time it’s wicked fucking uncomfortable
  • if you cry during the movie
  • if Peter says “woah woah woah”

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