To All The Boys 3: First Thoughts

Happy To All The Boys weekend, I mean Valentine’s Day weekend. Based on the past couple blogs and all of my fucking tweets, you know that I’m obsessed with the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before movies, they’re just such good ‘just okay’ romantic comedies, and that’s my bread and fucking butter. I will end up doing a full episode on Celibate and the Suburbs, but I wanted to get out some of my initial impressions for the last installment.

Overall, I really enjoyed it. I read the books, and I liked the books better (no shock there), but I think this was a really good end to the movie trilogy. We all know the second movie is fucking trash, I promise you if you like these movies, the second book is so so so much better and her relationship, or lack there of, with John Ambrose, is way more fleshed out. Anyways, after the second one, my bar was set incredibly low, so the third was going to exceed those expectations no matter what.

I cried, I laughed, I cringed, all markers of a good movie for me. I was saying to my friends that anytime that I think a movie is absolutely stellar, it usually means that it’s just okay. Like I love just okay movies. The more mediocre and average the movie, the more I’m going to love it. I don’t like great movies, great movies bore me. If it has an Oscar nom I probably won’t like it, if it has an Oscar win, I absolutely won’t like. Some exceptions of course, but that’s the gist.

As with any teen romance, the conflict in Always and Forever is where Lara Jean and Peter are going to college, if they’re going to stay together, and what the hell is going to happen once they graduate in June (May? I don’t know when Oregon graduates). In the movie, Lara Jean wants to go to college across the country, in the books, it’s only like 3 hours away. I guess, for drama purposes, a 3 hour time difference is better than a 3 hour drive, but WHATEVER.

I think one of my absolute favorite parts was Peter’s reaction to Lara Jean not getting into Stanford. She basically lied to him and said she did get in, but instead of being concerned about that, his first question is if she’s okay.

Peter Kavinsky makes me forget how much of a fucking whack job Noah Centineo is. I love Peter so fucking much. Is my bar for men on the fucking ground? Absolutely, but he’s well over it, so it’s FINE.

I will say, one of my most pressing thoughts I had during this movie is that thank fucking GOD I wasn’t in a relationship in high school, because honestly, the shit high school couples do is fucking embarrassing. Like so much of these movies are so fucking cringe and I’m so glad I don’t have any of that shit in my past. Is this me trying to find a spinzone for being painfully single? Yes. Is it working? Also yes.

Anyways, I’ll be doing a full review of this on my podcast, with a very special guest, so tune in in March for that, in the mean time, get your shit together and watch this movie so we can all discuss. Please and THANKS.

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