I’m A FabFitFun Influencer now – What I got in my Spring Box

I’ve been getting FabFitFun boxes for a hot minute now, so when they reached out and wanted to send me a box and give me a discount code for you wonderful people, I obviously said yes.

Fab Fit Fun is a seasonal subscription box, that sends you full size products you may not have otherwise found, or that you might not have wanted to pay full price for. Some items are picked by the FFF team, but others you get to pick yourself. Unlike other subscription boxes that only provide sample sizes, you get full sized products four times a year.

If you’re new to FabFitFun you can use code “ST10” for $10 off your first seasonal box.

So, without further ado, here’s what I got in my Spring box

Starting with these reusable makeup puffs that FFF picked for me. I’m fucking obsessed with these. At first I thought I was going to use them to take off my makeup, put some Micellar water on there and wash off my look, but that ended terribly. The Micellar water got everywhere and just made a big mess. But, then I started using them to both put powder on, and to melt it into my face and WOW, stellar. Basically, I’ll brush on some loose powder after my foundation and use the powder to puff to press it into my skin. After I finish my makeup, I’ll spray my setting spray and pat that on as well. It makes my foundation look so fucking good, it’s so flawless and skin-like, it’s amazing.

These daisy hairclips are so fucking cute, but your girl doesn’t have any hair. I gave them to my roommate, who actually uses clips, and I just know these will be a Spring/Summer staple for her.

If you know me, you know I love makeup, and you know I’m obsessed with makeup brushes. So these were a god send because I’m always looking for new brushes. The powder brush has become a staple in my routine, and the eyeshadow brushes are perfection. I actually have started doing my foundation with a brush again because of getting these. I know, it’s so 2008. But it looks stellar, and helps me control where I put my foundation a little bit better than a sponge. Also, sometimes I forget to wet my sponge and I don’t want to get up again.

I loooooove body oil. And this one is the perfect amount of shimmer for me. I love putting it on my shoulders in the Spring (make sure you put sunscreen on underneath, the oil will intensify the sun!!!!). It looks so fucking sparkly and wonderful and ugh I love it so much.

Who doesn’t need more makeup storage?? I have some of my most used lipglosses, lipliners, and other products in this. It’s cute and small, and the lil daisies on the bottom are so stinking adorable. It’s hard to hate something like this because it’s so usefull.

I don’t particularly love sheet masks, and I thought this was just a sheetmask, but it’s actually a lip mask, I just can’t read apparently. I haven’t used these yet, but updates to come as soon as I do.

These may be the ugliest coasters on the face of the earth, but you didn’t hear that from me. I think they’re just way too beachy for a normal house, and unfortunately I don’t have a beach house. We do have a basket of coasters in our apartment, so they will live in there, but that doesn’t mean I don’t absolutely hate them… Just being honest here folks, thats what you pay me the $0 for.

Last but not least, my favorite item from this box, this ADORABLE daisy duffle bag. When I saw this, I audibly gasped, I was so excited. It has two normal handles, as well as a shoulder strap, and it’s such a great size. I’ve been using it as a dance bag since I got it. It fits my sneakers, two waterbottles, my wallet, and a bunch of other shit incredibly well. If you’re in the market for a new duffle this is a good one. The only con is the fact that there’s only one pocket on the inside. My all time favorite duffle bag (from Away luggage) has like 5 pockets plus a laptop sleeve, so it comes nowhere close to that, but it’s so cute that I’ll forgive it.

Again, if you use code ST10, you can get $10 off your first Fab Fit Fun seasonal box. I highly highly highly recommend. Like I said before, I was getting FFF boxes well before they asked to send me one, so you know you’re getting an honest opinion from me. It’s 100% worth it. The fact that I would never have found some of these products without FabFitFun and they’ve now become part of my daily routine is incredible. Plz sign up. It’s wonderful. And who doesn’t like getting packages? This one is so huge it’s so much fun to open.

I mean look at that thing! That’s fucking huge! Every time I get a box I do an unboxing for my roommates and pretend like I’m hosting my own Youtube Channel, it’s a fucking blast if I’m being honest with you. Instant serotonin boost truly.

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