If You’re Not Already Watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race… Why?

Seriously guys, get with the program. Do you like reality tv? How about drama? How about challenge shows? Comedy? Talent? Dancing? Singing? Lipsyncing? Drag Race has all of that and more. So at this point, why aren’t you watching? We’re in the middle of season 13, yes season 13. It’s been on for quite some time now. 13 seasons, 5 All Star seasons, there’s more than enough content to fill your fancy.

The beauty of reality TV is that you don’t need to start from the beginning and you can very much skip seasons without missing a beat. I’m fully obsessed with this show and I have never watched seasons 1 through 3. They’re considered meh by a lot of fans, and while there are some legendary moments and queens from those seasons, I can absolutely promise you you’re not going to be lost or missing anything if you decide to skip them like I did. Unlike some challenge shows, they do reference other seasons, and make jokes about other queens frequently, so there is an argument to watch in order, but it’s not an incredibly important part of the show if I’m being honest. Truly one of the only things you need to know is that Porkchop was the first ever queen eliminated from the show. She ends up getting referenced the most.

So what the heck is Drag Race and how does it work? It didn’t even occur to me that people didn’t know it was a competition show until I mentioned it to a friend, she though it was similar to a Real Housewives or KUWTK where it was just a reality show and only a reality show. But each episodes the drag queens participate in a maxi-challenge, (occasionally there are smaller challenges that give advantages in the max-challenges), and then there is a themed runway. A winner, or two, are picked based on the challenge and the runway, and two queens are picked to be the bottom two. The bottom two then lipsync for their life, and one gets sent home.

The challenges range from runway outfit designs, stand up comedy, lip syncing, dancing, acting, and literally everything in between. Some recurring challenges include Rusicals, themed production numbers about famous people or things such as Cher, Madonna, RuPaul himself, Social Media, etc, Balls, where the queens have one theme and must create three unique looks, one of those looks being created completely from scratch, and the Snatch game, a match game parody where the queens have to do celebrity impersonations. The Snatch Game is an ICONIC drag race competition, it’s the only one that’s guaranteed every season and never ever changes (except for one All Stars season…). The show gives you comedy up the fucking wazoo, and Snatch Game is just one great example of that.

Drag Race is a very interesting and dynamic look into drag and gay culture, and the later seasons are much more catered around including more than just gay men as their audience. A lot more time is spent explaining the culture and gay history in America. While the queens are getting ready they are always discussing their home lives, coming out stories, and their relationships. So it’s truly much more than a drag competition show.

What more could you want? Talent, drama, comedy, and some much needed gay education? Lets and I cannot emphasize this enough, fucking GO.

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