A Look Back At My March Madness Best Songs Brackets

A way long time ago I decided to start the annual tradition of a March Madness Best Songs bracket. I started my senior year of college with the Best Late Night Song, and that got people so much more involved in my blog than I ever could have imagined. So I kept doing it. I never would have expected people to get so into a simple song bracket, but every year everyone comes out hot and campaigns for their favorite songs. I always like doing songs because they’re so easily accessible. I can make a playlist and everyone has access to listen to the songs. If you don’t know a song, you can listen easily in about 5 minutes. I thought about doing movies, but those are much harder to gauge if people have seen them or not.

Lets look back on the past brackets while I try to think of something good to do for this years.

Middle School Bangerz

This was one of my all time favorites. I did a full 64 seed bracket for the first time, and everyone was SO into it. These songs are all early to mid-2000s BOPS and this playlist is a crowd pleaser for sure. 3Oh!3 ended up coming away with the win for this one with Don’t Trust Me. What an absolute fucking BOP. There were plenty upsets in this one, and some shocking twists and turns. I’m still shocked Low didn’t win, but the people spoke and what I labeled as a 6 seed ended up winning it all.

Best Jonas Brothers Song

I’m not sure why I didn’t make a playlist for this one, but this one was so much fun because the Jonas Brothers had just come back and dropped Sucker, so the world was on JB watch. The four songs I picked as four seeds ended up in the final four for this one, When You Look Me In The Eyes, Burning Up, Year 3000, and Lovebug, for of the most well known and liked Jonas Brothers songs. Play My Music is by and far my favorite, so if I had it my way, that would have won, but Burning Up slaps all day every single day, and is the ultimate crowd pleaser. I spent a majority of my junior and senior years of college trying to get frats to play it at parties, and finally they all added it to their weekly party playlists, probably just so I would stop annoying them, but also because they liked the song just as much as all the girls did.

Tiz The Season For Bops

This one was not a March Madness bracket, but instead during the Christmas season, seeing as all the songs are Christmas songs, it only felt fitting to keep it during December. This playlist has now morphed into my normal ass Christmas songs playlist. There are only bangerz on this playlist and I listen to it nonstop every year from Black Friday to December 25th. Mariah Carey obviously ran away with this one. She’s the queen of Christmas, of course she won this bracket. I honestly would have been shocked if she didn’t win, and if for some reason she had been knocked out before the final 2, I would’ve caused a fucking riot.

Best Late Night Song

The bracket that started it all. This caused so much controversy that I wasn’t expecting, it was crazy. I started this thinking only my friends from college would participate, hence why I picked best late night song. Late Night is basically what we called parties after midnight at the fraternities, aka after anyone who wasn’t in a sorority or fraternity was kicked out. This was when the normal playlist got booted and songs could finally be requested. It was a lot of scream singing to old school songs. So when people from high school, and people that didn’t go to Umass Lowell started participating the bracket went kind of whack because their definition of best late night song was different than ours. But, we learned from it, and the rest of these brackets were born. I also fucked up the seeding of this bracket wicked badly because I didn’t actually seed anything. I purposely put Africa by Toto against a song I knew it would lose to because I hate that song, but it was my bracket, I can do what I fucking want. I also want to pretend this winner never got picked because R.Kelly is trash and canceled and we hate him. So fuck that shit.

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