Love In the Time Of Corona III

Almost a year ago, I wrote Love in the Time of Corona, before the global shutdowns, before quarantines and stay at home orders, before mask mandates, before the entire world went to absolute shit. I wrote that original blog not knowing anything about Covid. I didn’t understand how severe it would be. How fucking naive.

Fast forward a year later and me and this kid could only go on one date due to the fact that quite literally 3 days later restaurants and everything else in the state of Massachusetts, simply shut down. We facetimed pretty frequently during the beginnings of quarantine, and it was such a huge part of my early quarantine routine that it’s burned into my brain. I’ll tell my grandkids about the random kid from Bumble that I used to banter with on Facetime. But obviously, seeing as how I am still single, it went nowhere. So, we’re back at square fucking one.

I think the most crazy thing to me is that he’ll still pop in and out of my life. Few snapchats here and there, some texts. Obviously I enable it because attention, duh. But it kind of boggles my mind that if the world hadn’t actually flipped upside down, I would’ve gone on a few more dates with him and probably been done with it by the start of summer. But yet… here we fucking are.

I simply cannot fathom that it’s been a year of this. I only know when this first date was because it was literally the weekend everything shut down, and that week is just burned into my memory. I was supposed to go to a friends birthday that day, which meant I wouldn’t have gone on the date, but the birthday girl was nervous about Covid – something that I thought was silly at the time… – so she canceled and I was able to go on the date. It’s a weird domino effect that somehow has landed me here, single, almost 25, in the middle of a pandemic, writing a blog about a guy who I barely fucking know.

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