Thoughts on WandaVision (Episodes 1-4)

Alright, alright, I’m fucking late to this shit. But I simply don’t have the capacity to watch week to week shows. I cannot wait, and I do not want to wait. So I made the logical choice to wait until everything had aired to binge it all. I’m currently on episode five and let me tell you I’m fucking confused.

The thing is, I know the plot, yet I’m still confused. Well, at least I thought I knew the plot. I don’t entirely know what’s happening. I’m pretty sure I avoided spoilers entirely, but that may be because I simply didn’t understand what was happening.

The decades are changing? It’s not real life – that I knew – the girl from Thor is in it? I’m lost. I get the gist – Wanda is creating this alternate reality, in the form of SitComs, to keep her relationship alive with Vision, so why am I still so fucking confused? It shouldn’t be that hard of a concept to grasp, yet here I am, confused as all hell. Am I stupid? Perhaps. My head fucking hurts honestly. I’ll be updating you all on my thoughts when I finish.

What I can tell you is that Wanda looks absolutely STUNNING in any god damn decade, and I think I’m attracted to Vision. I’m not attracted to Paul Bettany… His human form is whatever, but Vision… hot? I think? Did I say I was confused already?

I also fucking love Kathryn Hahn in this, she’s hysterical. 10 out of fucking 10.

Can I also tell you, my dumb fucking ass, didn’t realize WandaVision was there names combined. I thought it was because it was Wanda’s version of television. I forgot his name was fucking Vision. Maybe I am too stupid to watch this show, I can’t imagine anyone else made that big ass mistake like I did. I’ll continue on my silly, merry, little way. See you 5 episodes.

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