WandaVision Final Thoughts

Alright, so I finished WandaVision and I have several thoughts. I watched the first four episodes earlier this week and just finished the last five episodes and it is safe to say I am just as confused as I was in the beginning.

I think because everyone said how confusing it was to watch, I went into it knowing I would be confused and then way overthought it. I knew going into it that the entire thing was Wanda making up a false reality, I had spoiled that for myself without knowing it. I thought that was something that we knew from the first episode, but obviously after watching, that’s wildly incorrect.

I was also so thrown off by the fact that she didn’t know she was a witch, and that this was the first time anyone in the MCU had referred to her as Scarlett Witch. I could’ve sworn on my life that they had referred to her as that before this series, but apparently not. I was very thrown off at the beginning when they made a point to say she didn’t have an alias, I was like she’s the god damn Scarlett Witch!! The fans refer to her as Scarlett Witch so often that I truly thought it was known in the MCU that she was in fact a god damn Witch. This is such a stupid thing to be confused about, but it threw me for the biggest fucking loop.

Last blog about WandaVision I said how much I loved Kathryn Hahn in this movie, and the ending really cemented that for me. She played this particular villain role so god damn well. She was funny but also mildly terrifying, which is exactly what I want from a villain. My favorite kind of villains are the ones you didn’t see coming at all, and I truly was SHOOK with that reveal. I knew that Agatha was the baddie because I had heard the song, but I didn’t know that Agnes would be Agatha, mind fucking BLOWN truly.

All in all, I really enjoyed this show. I loved the way they used not only different decades in each sitcom, but also shot each sitcom as sitcoms from that time period. They very easily could have just made the 50s portion black and white and called it a day, changed the outfits and decor in each episodes, but they wrote each episode as if it was an actual sitcom which was really different and cool. The 90s and 2000s episodes were my favorites, mostly because those are the sitcoms that I watch the most so I could appreciate the tropes used a little bit more. I also loved seeing Wanda, Vision, and QuickSilver in their comic book costumes. With the new revamp of the MCU, there has been a modernized version of the costume, but it’s really fun to see the OG costumes make a little cameo.

After watching this I am so fucking hype to watch Falcon and The Winter Soldier. I love Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan so fucking much, they’re chemistry is incredible, and both of their comedic timings are fucking superb. I like that they’re going to take a comedic route with this show because it really puts Sebastian and Anthony on their high horses and puts their strengths as actors front and center.

Tune in soon for more poorly described MCU content from an MCU nerd that doesn’t actually know what she’s talking about!

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