Would You Date a Man (or Woman) With Their Birth Year Tattooed On Them?

Biracial Booty is putting on their lab coats and science goggles in the first ever Biracial Booty Science Lab Experiment, name pending.

I was scrolling through Tik Tok the other day and saw one of those #WhiteBoys that’s covered in black line drawn traditional tattoos.

Simply Taupe and Black American Traditional Tattoo Style Printed Spandex

Like these kind of tattoos. The kind that you get a mishmash of and there’s no rhyme or reason as to where they’re placed and it’s not cohesive, but it is kind of cohesive. Not important. Said guy had a 1996 tattoo on his stomach – read abs – and I could not for the life of me decide if it was hot or incredibly weird and odd. So I took to Twitter and Instagram for science purposes obviously.

Now, should I have let the people know of the exact tattoo that I was referring to? Probably. But we’re not precise here at Biracial Booty Science Experiments, so context and variables are not always a part of our system.

As you can see from the above data, it was pretty much a no from most people, which is honestly what I expected, since when I asked my roommate if she would she gave a very disgusted “no.” So I truly was not expecting anything short of mostly nos. Obviously on Twitter I added the caveat of “it’s not 100% a deal breaker” which is true, I think the personality that comes with a man that puts his birth year on him is the deal breaker, not the tattoo itself.

I don’t personally know any men with their birth year tattooed on them, but I can truly just imagine the kind of douchebag that would. It stresses me out honestly. Is it incredibly hot? Kind of. Would they treat me like shit? Most likely. But I mean, men be doing that all the time, so at least we should have something nice to look at!

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