Selection Sunday: Taylor Swift Mega Bracket

The time is here. The songs are in. They’ve been selected. They’ve been seeded. Let’s fucking go ladies and gents.

This is genuinly one the hardest brackets I’ve ever made. Picking only 128 songs sounds easy, but when Taylor Swift only puts out bops, it’s incredibly difficult. And don’t even get me started on the seeding. It was wicked fucking hard to figure out which of her songs I had to put in the bottom seeds. Some of your all time favorite songs might be low seeds, hell, some of MY all time favorite Taylor Swift songs are seeded low, but you can forward all complaints to And the only way to make sure your favorite songs make it to the next round?! VOTE! And tell your friends to vote! The beauty of this is that ANYONE can participate, the more the merrier.

Without further ado, here are the brackets. I broke it up into Country Taylor and Pop/Folk Taylor, the championship being a battle between the winner of each side.

The one seeds are some of the all time fucking greats. They’re the songs that everyone knows, everyone likes. Absolute fucking BOPS.

Picking the one seeds was pretty easy. It was everything after that that made my life a living hell this weekend. But we fucking did it.

So how can you participate?? Next Friday, March 19th, I’ll be posting a blog with a Google Forms link with all 64 matchups. You can select which songs you want to move on, and then from there on out, every round will take place in a Google Form. Follow me on Instagram or Twitter, or get my blogs sent right to your email the SECOND their posted.

  • First round — Friday, March 19
  • Second round — Sunday, March 21
  • Third round — Tuesday, March 23
  • Sweet 16 — Saturday, March 27
  • Elite Eight — Monday, March 29
  • Final Four — Saturday, April 3
  • Championship — Monday, April 5
  • Winner announced — Wednesday, April 7

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