My Top Ten Favorite Taylor Swift Songs

In honor of the Taylor Swift Mega Bracket, I figured I would write about my all time favorite songs of hers. My Taylor Swift tastes are a little bit different than most, I like songs that you can dance to, or bop around to. Some of her classics I find lowkey boring, so I live inside the middle of her albums, Speak Now to 1989 is my sweet spot, but I also have a lot of love for Reputation recently. I have the CD in my car and there are A LOT of bops on that album, two of my favorite songs are on that album. Do the singles suck? Was the rollout and marketing kinda shitty? Absolutely. But the Reputation tour was incredible, and I will not live for Reputation slander any longer. But anyways, my top ten favorite songs, in kind of an order. It’s very hard for me to rank a lot of these.

10. Starlight, Red

Woah babbyyyy. When I went to the Red tour, my first Taylor Swift concert, my friends and I made cardboard signs that spelled out Starlight, (it was a star and then L I G H T spelt out) all for her to not even FUCKING SING STARLIGHT. I Was pissed. Like WHAT on earth. But, Starlight is a beautiful wonderful amazing song, and I always go back to it as one of my all time favorites.

9. State of Grace, Red

UGH YES. The intro to this song? Shoots me right back to the Red Tour. She opened the show with it, and whenever I listen to it I am automatically right back at Gillette stadium in a red tutu and a $5 Taylor Swift Tshirt. What a time to be alive truly. And on top of that, it’s a fucking BANGER of a song. SO YOU WERE NEVER A SAINT. AND I’VE LOVED IN SHADES OF WRONG. WE LEARN TO LIVE WITH THE PAIN. MOSAIC BROKEN HEARTS.

8. Illicit Affairs, Folklore

Have I ever been in a relationship? No. Have I ever had an affair? No. Do I ever plan to have an affair? No. Do I scream sing this song as if it was written for me personally? Yes. This song hits an emotion in me that I didn’t even know that I had in me. I have the Folklore cd in my car (my car doesn’t have an aux chord, and I fucks with CDs okay) and I will frequently just play this song on repeat while I’m driving back into the city. Like anytime I’m on Storrow Drive I expect to be scream singing this song. Don’t call me kid. Don’t call me baby. ICONIC. Wow. This song is so fucking good.

7. Better Than Revenge, Speak Now

A dark spot on American feminism, but this song is so fucking incredibly. Sorry Ashley Greene, but this song is fucking INCREDIBLE. Pete Davidson has a joke in one of his stand ups about his friends liking 7 Rings, “Then, that song came out and my friends were like, ‘Bro, I love you. I love you, right? Shit is catchy. Shit is very catchy. You’re gonna have a rough eight months.’” And I think about it WHENEVER I watch Twilight or see Joe Jonas, because I think about this song. “Now go sit in a corner and think about what you did” could rise me from the fucking DEAD.

6. Long Live, Speak Now

This is a recent addition to the list. I’ve always liked this song, but when I built this bracket, I started listening to it non fucking stop. It’s such a happy sad song. And again, another scream sing song, which is key for me. If I can’t scream sing it, I probably won’t like it. Long Live just gets me right in my High School type feels. I miss guys I never dated, friends I’m not friends with anymore, I get nostalgic as FUCK whenever this song comes on, and I love it so much.

5. Out Of The Woods, 1989

I mean, I’m a fucking One Direction slut and a Taylor Swift slut, of course this is one of my favorite songs. Shocking to no one, another GREAT scream sing song. The last few days I’ve been going on drives in the nice weather and blasting 1989, and Out Of The Woods is always the song I start with. It’s just a spectacular showing from Taylor, and just brings me right back to the height of my fandom Tumblr blogging days. I peaked back then truly.

4. Don’t Blame Me, Reputation

Holy shit this song. This song just gets me fucking going. The chorus part where it’s the church choir vibes? Chills. It gives me chills every single fucking time. I think this song should have been a single for Reputation, it just sums everything about this era up so well, and it actually a good song. It’s the turning point of Taylor being the young girl writing songs about guys that fucked her over and getting shit on for it. It’s simply PERFECTION.

3. Holy Ground, Red

This is another song that I tend to forget about, but when it comes on I just know it’s a fucking banger. I’ve said for a while now that “tonight I’m gunna dance for all that we’ve been through” will be my Instagram caption the SECOND all of this bullshit is over. Another certified banger and scream sing song, it just gives me good vibes. It honestly gives me GREAT vibes. What a god damn great song.

2. New Romantics, 1989

I’ve written about this song before, and this song is slept on and disrespected as one of the all time best Taylor Swift pop songs. It’s so fucking good and I’m sick and tired of it not being brought up as an all time great. Why the FUCK this was only a bonus song on 1989 and not a fucking single I don’t know. It perfectly encapsulates the 1989 era and how pop and fun it was. I’ve been saying for a little while now that I’m in the 1989 era of my life, and this song sums up everything about your early single 20s so fucking well. It’s just a fucking BANGER. It will always top out my list of favorite Taylor Swift songs. This and New Year’s Day are the only songs that I knew for a fact belonged on this list. Everything else I debated and discussed – with myself – and moved around in the rankings, but I knew these were one and two, with no question about it.

1 New Year’s Day, Reputation

My all time favorite Taylor Swift song. This song is not only beautiful and another happy sad song, but it also, for me, is a forever reminder of a friend that passed away on New Years Day. The song itself is all about holding on to memories, so that coupled with the fact that it’s literally called New Year’s Day, always makes me miss my friend. The song feels out of place on Reputation if I’m being honest, it feels like a more grown up Taylor writing a song for young Taylor. It’s simple and beautiful and one of the most well written Taylor songs, I think. Whenever I think of this song, I’m reminded of when she debuted it on Jimmy Fallon, his first show back since his mother had past away. Jimmy says when he was little his mom always would hold his hand and squeeze it three times, something that Taylor mentions in the song. It’s a beautiful and wonderful moment when they hug afterwards and makes me cry like a baby every single time I watch it.

I told you I lived in the Speak Now to 1989 era!! What are your favorites? What are your LEAST favorites? I’ll be writing a blog about that because I have some fucking thoughts ladies and gents.

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