FINAL FOUR: Taylor Swift Mega March Madness Bracket

Oh my lord, we have a final four people. The four songs that you, the people, decided were Taylor’s best. All Too Well, The Way I Loved You, Cruel Summer, and Cornelia Street. Any guesses on which will win? I have a pretty good idea of it if I’m being honest, but then again, I’ve been seeing all the votes come in.

Let me know on Twitter or Instagram your thoughts on the bracket!!

So, without further ado, vote here, send the link to your friends, your family, your coworkers, anyone who likes Taylor Swift is sure to enjoy this bracket. As usual please send any and all complaints to, because, say it with me now, I don’t care. The people are deciding this, not me. So bring it up with the people. Ride hard for your favorite songs, campaign, all’s fair in love and bracket szn.


And to lessen any confusion, both brackets, the Country Tay and Pop/Folk Tay, will be voted on at the same time. Think of each as one side of a bracket. They will each produce a winner, and those two winners will face off in the championship round on April 5th.

  • Final Four — Saturday, April 3
  • Championship — Monday, April 5
  • Winner announced — Wednesday, April 7

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