And the Winner Is…: Taylor Swift Mega March Madness Bracket

In the final matchup, All Too Well took on Cruel Summer, two of Taylor’s best songs, two of the music industries best songs honestly. I don’t even want to keep you waiting, All Too Well blew Cruel Summer out of the fucking water. I’m not the least bit shocked honestly. I did think it was going to be a smidge closer, but All Too Well is undeniably Taylor’s greatest song ever written or performed.

I’ve been listening to All Too Well on fucking repeat lately, mentally I am mostly fine, and every single time I listen I’m blown away all over again. The lyrics are simply perfection, Taylor’s vocal talent is fucking absurd, and that bridge… Don’t get me started on that fucking bridge. I think deep down we all knew All Too Well would win, it was a one seed for a reason, it’s a fan favorite for a reason. We all hate Jake how do you spell his last name for a reason.

Thank you to everyone that participated, to new readers and old, this is always my favorite time of year to post and my favorite content to create. Cheers to new Taylor songs and to future brackets babbbyyy!

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