The Best Tweets About Fearless Taylor’s Version

In a not so shocking turn of events I have spent the entire morning listening to Fearless (Taylor’s Version) and both crying at the songs, and laughing at all the tweets. If there’s one thing about Swifities it’s that they don’t fucking play around. I’ve been compiling the best tweets all morning to share with the world.

Starting with the header of this blog:

When I saw this tweet I quite literally laughed out loud. Fuck Scooter Braun and his greedy, dumb ass face. In some ways, perhaps we should thank him. For providing us with the opportunity for Taylor to gives us all this new content and let us relive 2008 when we’re in our 20s. But still fuck that asshole.

Another timily tweet about death. This time, Prince Philip is actually dead (RIP). I sent this tweet to my friends, and one of them didn’t even know Prince Philip had died yet. Spoiler warning I guess.

I mean, where is the lie?????

This was actually the tweet that inspired this blog post. We stan ethically sourced materials over here ladies and gents.

This one honestly made my heart happy. She’s slowly but surely getting all her music back and it makes me want to sob like a baby. 1 re-record down, 5 to go. People have been saying that she’s doing her debut album last so that she can finally have her name back, and I’m literally tearing up just writing that sentence. I’m an emotional mess today. Lord fucking help me when New Year’s Day re-record comes out… my all time favorite is going to have me BALLING.

This technically wasn’t about Fearless (Taylor’s Version) but same difference. This tweet is so fucking funny to me. Taylor released a song about a 13 year old breakup, quite literally no one is fucking safe. If this bitch doesn’t release the full 10 minutes of All Too Well, I will actually riot. Taylor, do the right thing for the people. Please, I beg of you.

What would be a blog about tweets without our Twitter queen Ellie?? One of the first texts I received about the album was about the giggle in Hey Stephen. Taylor’s eye for detail never ceases to amaze us.

I obviously really like the tweets about Prince Philip and Fearless…

This tweet really sums up my thoughts for this whole experience. I was 12 when Fearless came out. A wee middle schooler. Having crushes on boys, trying to love myself. Now I’m 24, almost 25. Still having crushes on boys, but I love myself a whole hell of a lot more. I grew up and so did Taylor, but her music will always always always be there for me when I need it. That was entirely too cheesy for my liking, so sorry.

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