Hey, Long Time No See, Happy New Year

Hey besties… Yeah I say besties now, it’s been that long apparently. I haven’t written a blog in what feels like an eternity and I haven’t consistently written anything in what feels like straight up eons. This year didn’t exactly go as planned content wise, but that’s okay because I’ve found new things I love to do.

In case you missed it, I’m kind of Tik Tok famous… Well at least I’m Booktok famous. I have almost 65k followers, what the FUCK? And I’ve been posting all about my reading journey so there’s that. Where my blogs have faltered, my Tik Tok has thrived. Where my podcast failed epically, my Tik Toks did NUMBERS.

I guess my podcast didn’t fail epically, but I did a very very poor job of being consistent with it considering I simply stopped recording episodes. (: It’s fine. Podcasting just isn’t for me. Or at least it isn’t for me as a one woman show. Recording and editing a podcast takes time, chopping up clips and making graphics for social media takes even more time. And with only a week between episodes it was simply too much for me, and it wasn’t something that I found myself to be super great at. I think I do best with short form videos *cough cough tik tok* and my blogs. So here we are, hopefully writing again.

It’s been a long year, and content may have gotten away from me, but I really do miss writing, and I miss writing daily. I set a goal to write every single day, two years in a row, and failed both times. But that’s okay. It’s fine, it really is. Writing good quality blogs every single day for a full year is fucking hard. With a full time job, a social life, and a global pandemic happening around me? It’s been two years of learning things about myself, the world, and what I want to do with my life and my content.

If you can’t tell I’ve made a huge swing in the direction of book content. My Tik Tok is almost exclusively about the books I read, with other things peppered in, and I’ve really turned my Biracial Booty Instagram account into what people may call a Bookstagram. This is such a huge part of my personality and what I like to do for fun now, so it will most likely stay this way for the foreseeable future. In terms of Biracialbooty.com? I don’t really know. I’ve found that I don’t love writing about books. I love talking about them and making videos, but writing about books is just not it for me. So Biracialbooty.com will continue to be a mishmosh of everything in my brain. Dating, pop culture, body positivity and fat liberation, funny shit, and all the other crap that you’re used to seeing here. Will I write daily? Who fucking knows. But I know I want and I NEED to get back to this, because there was nothing better for my mental health than writing on this damn blog for all 17 of you to read.

So we’ll see where 2022 takes us. We’ll see where the rest of this week takes us honestly. I’m not sure. But happy you guys are here, old and new Biracialbooty.com friends alike. Thank you.

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