It’s Your Birthday You Can Cry If You Want To

It happens every year. You build up your birthday to be this huge fantastic exciting thing, and then… It’s not quite exciting. But here’s the thing, you don’t need to build it up. Your birthday doesn’t need to be this huge ordeal, but if you’re a birthday girlie like me, it can be hard to put that into action.

My 20th birthday, I had no plans, no one was around for whatever reason, my family all had plans, so I wasn’t celebrating on the actual day of my birthday and I was BUMMED. I just remember sitting in my room sobbing for hours because I was so upset I wasn’t doing anything. But then it dawned on me that I didn’t need people to celebrate, I just needed me. So I picked myself up and took myself to the movies at 11pm on the night of my birthday. I bought myself the largest most expensive popcorn there, and a big ass blue raspberry Icee – aka the best movie theater drink, and celebrated with me, myself and, I.

I didn’t need anyone else to celebrate me, because I just need ME to celebrate. Are you picking up what I’m putting down?

Birthdays, for whatever reason, come with the expectation of fun and huge celebrations, and truly, as long as you’re relatively happy? Who cares! Sure, you can go out and party and have a great time with your friends, or you can have a chill night in with your partner and your favorite takeout, or you can take yourself to the movies and splurge a little. Whatever you do, just do something for yourself, it’s your day and no one else’s. Unless you’re a twin… in which case, I’m not sure how you’d proceed.

At the same time, if you end up upset or crying on your birthday, who cares! It’s just a day! And everyone has birthdays, you know you’ll have one next year, so why let it ruin an entire day?

Your birthday, at the end of the day, is just a day. It happens to be the anniversary of the day you were brought into this world, but for everyone else? It’s just a day. And it can be just a day for you, it doesn’t need to be a huge deal. If you want it to be, make it. Celebrate your heart out, have a big ass party, wear a sash and a tiara, do it big. But even if you do, understand that it is just a day. Why put the pressure on your self to have the best day ever if its just 1 out of 365, the occasional 366? Your best day could be random Tuesday in January, or a Saturday in October. It could in fact be your birthday, but if it’s not, that’s OKAY. It’s your birthday, you can cry if you want to, you can party like it’s the last day on earth, you can do whatever you fucking want.

I think as we get older and older, on top of the issues with not feeling like our birthdays will stand up to our expectations, there’s the added bonus of the anxiety of getting older. I personally haven’t really ever been that stressed out to turn older. I think being the youngest of my friends – even if it’s only by a few months – has helped with that, but I know everyone experiences it at some point. To that I say, yet again: who cares.

Getting old is a privilege at this point. Not to be depressing, but not everyone gets to live another year, and here you are! Getting another 365 days to live. You shouldn’t be scared about your age, and things you haven’t done, or whatever the heck you’re scared or nervous or antsy about. Everyone’s life path is different. Some people get married in their 20s, some in their 50s, some never at all. Some find their dream career and job right out of college, some are content just hopping job to job making money. Whatever your path is, it’s yours and only yours. Don’t let another year older distract from any of the awesome things you’re doing. Even if you don’t think they’re that awesome.

I’ll leave you with this: celebrate your birthday no matter how big or small, don’t sweat the small stuff, and don’t force yourself to have a top tier time just in the name of a birthday.

Happy Birthday to Me, anyone want to get married for health insurance?

Love you lots, Sarah

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