The Vibes: September 2022

What’s up besties and baddies, it’s time for another vibes of the month. We’re about to enter the best time of year, while also simultaneously leave my favorite time of year. I’m a Fall girlie through and through, BUT there is nothing I like more than sitting and reading a book in the sun by the pool, and I’m not ready to give that up. But the beauty of September is that it has even more summer days than June so, we’re taking baby steps to fall.

You can see the full “mood board” if you will on my Instagram (which, TBH I assume a lot of you came from there anyways), but if not, hmu @biracialbooty. The full list is on Insta too, and I’ll probably make a Tik Tok because obviously, but I want to hit on a few specifics.


Starting off with a bold one here. I don’t love dry months, I think it’s restrictive and gets weird quick. I’ve done them before but genuinely find when I’m forcing myself to not do something, I want to do it more. Hence the sober-ISH. Will there be occasions I want to get drunk? Probably. But for the most part, I’ll be having one or two drinks, or mixing myself up a mocktail. The risk/reward of drinking isn’t balanced for me anymore. The hangover is AWFUL. And the entire time I’m drinking I’m anxious about being hungover the next day. So I will get delightfully tipsy, or just have a blast and go to bed early. There’s no shame in leaving a night out. And there’s no shame in being the sober one. We’re also not letting anyone take advantage of it, just because you’re not drinking doesn’t mean you’re automatically DD. Cheers to a crisp diet coke at the bar ladies!

Football Sundays but for the girls

I’ve been a Football girl my entire life, but this year, we’re roping in everyone else. Make a fantasy league with your friends, week one starts Thursday, September 8th, so get on it now, but it’s no stakes and you’ll learn about players and the game to talk about with guys if that’s something you’re interested in. Otherwise, it’s a fun competition with your friends and winner get’s bragging rights! Host a football night but ladies style, theme it, get decorations, get food you want to eat, not just wings (I love wings, but they’re so messy…). Drink seltzers or wine, not beer. Make it girly and FUN. Football is fun and isn’t actually that complicated, men just suck at explaining things.

minimal delivery just takeout

This one is more of a goal than a vibe, but I want to try to minimize my deliveries this month. I don’t even want to count how many I usually do because I think it would send me into a shock, but I think I’ll know based off vibe. But it’s also unrealistic for me to not order food and to cook all the time – I am in fact a lazy sack of shit who won’t eat if I don’t get what I’m craving. So, I can order food, I just have to go pick it up. Either walk there, take the train, or hop in my car. Exceptions are if I’m drunk (which we’ve noted will be minimally anyways), or if its awful awful rain or snow, which seems unlikely at this rate. Pray for me.

Learn to Budget/save money

This is a legit one, like I NEED to figure out my finances. I’m choosing to blame my ADHD, but I am so fucking shit at budgeting and saving, it’s terrifying. I’m starting simple with the 50/30/20 rule. 50% of your income to needs, 30% to wants, 20% to savings. I opened a third bank account, so my current savings account will be my Needs (Rent, utilities, credit card bill, etc), checking will be Wants (food that isn’t groceries, shopping, coffee), and the new account will be my new Savings. I’m also limiting my credit card to only be used for gas, groceries, and travel expenses. I don’t have any savings goals other than to save something because right now I’ve got squat and it TERRIFIES me. No ones allowed to judge me for this either, because they don’t teach you this shit and I’m 26 and it’s still a pandemic so you can fuck off with your financial judgement. I’M TRYING.

Libraries and used bookstores

Always gotta throw in something for my Booktok OG’s. Barnes and Noble just doesn’t hit the same anymore, I’m not sure why. Maybe because I don’t have any near me so it seems like a hassle to get to them, but I haven’t wanted to peruse them anymore. But the library and used book store!? All the serotonin of buying books with less distress to my checking account. Win win truly. And if you don’t read the books you picked up? No harm no foul. YOu don’t have to stare at your unread TBR if you get to drop it back off at the library. Read smarter not harder.

Alright, there’s more on Insta and Tik Tok BUT it’s pretty self-explanatory from there so, enjoy, have a good labor day weekend and have the BEST September because we’re almost at the best month of the year.

Love you all, xoxo Sarah

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