The Vibes for November 2022

Another month, another vibes list. Lets. Fucking. Go.

Friend Dates

I LOVE a friend date. I love hanging out in groups, but there’s something so nice about hanging with just one or two of your friends and catching up with them. December get’s crazy, so plan ahead for November. Track down your friends coming home for Thanksgiving before they’re booked solid, and grab lunch, dinner, go to a movie, do an activity, literally anything that lets you have some one on one time.

Thanksgiving is just one day, Christmas starts now

I like Thanksgiving in the sense that I like football, food, and seeing my family. But that’s the extent of it. I don’t want to hear any of this “you’re skipping right over Thanksgiving!!” Like yeah, it’s ONE day. Christmas is a SEASON. Blast your Christmas music, get your tree out. Go all fucking in. As you get older, you realize that you are allowed to give yourself joy whereever it comes from, and for me, it’s celebrating Christmas for two full fucking months.

But also autumnal vibes

I’m all in on Christmas vibes, however the autumnal vibes of November are unfucking matched. It’s all about puffy vests, black tights, turtlenecks and sweaters, hoodies and jean jackets, burnt orange, dark brown, and jade greens. It’s AUTUMN. October is Fall, but November is AUTUMN. It’s an entirely different tier. It’s pies, maroon, dark red lipstick. Red (Taylor’s Version). The weather is cooling down, but it’s not snowing yet, it’s the best time of the year.

Movie marathons

We all love a good binge watch, but for me, a new show is daunting, it’s so much information at once and it turns me off. But a movie marathon? Chefs kiss. I watched all the Scream’s the Sunday of Halloween weekend, and it was absolutely incredible. Coudl I have watched a season of a TV show in that same time? Yes. But the movies seemed way less daunting. Watch some franchises, watch a bunch of rom com’s, watch unrelated movies, just plop yourself on the couch with some snacks and some hot cocoa, and have yourself a day.

Make a cleaning routine

I have a pretty decent cleaning routine, but I want to switch it up so that I’m not cleaning everything on one day and more so cleaning a little bit throughout the week. When I work from home, I clean the kitchen while my coffee brews, which is great for me. It a) gives me something to do and b) takes way less time than you’d think. I can empty the dishwasher or wipe down all the counters and put anything in the dishrack away all in the time my Keurig takes to make me a cup of coffee. But I want to make it easier for me to clean the other areas of my apartment – so TBD on that one.

Lunch break walks

This is mostly motivated by the fact that I’m in a step challenge at work, and also the weather is way nicer than it should be for Fall in New England. Global warming is real baby. But I guess we can take advantage before the world bursts into flames. I have an hour lunch break and usually I just lounge around on the couch if I’m WFH, or sit and scroll on my phone if I’m in the office. But in reality, I can in fact walk around my neighborhood, or go for a walk around the office and get some steps in. Doable and practical.

Thanksgiving eve but just your besties

I grew up in a small suburban town, and Thanksgiving Eve for sure a thing, and I’m not gunna lie, it’s incredibly anxiety inducing. The idea of interacting with a bunch of people from my hometown and being forced to chit chat makes me so uncomfy. So this year I will be attempting to convice my friends to stay in and watch movies with snacks and drinks, but who’s to say how successful this will be. Tune into my Instagram on November 23rd to find out.

Enjoy your November, love you bitches.

XOXO, Sarah

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