About Me

What’s up homies!! My name’s Sarah, aka Biracial Booty. The Biracial is because I am. Half black, half white. The Booty because I have one. I’m a body positive, confident fat bitch. Contrary to the sultry and seductive title, this isn’t a pornsite. Though, there will probably be lots of half naked pictures of me on social media because I’m obsessed with myself.

This blog is for all of my thoughts and concerns about the world, mostly centered around all things plus size and all things biracial/black. I’m not an expert on anything, but I try my very best to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. From my own random hot takes, to popculture moments, I write about anything and everything because it’s a one woman show and I like what I like. Inspiration comes from anywhere. There will be new posts daily, and you can follow me on Instagram, here, or go to @BiracialBooty on Instagram. Or follow me on Twitter, @Biracial_Booty. I like to think I’m pretty funny and I post anything and everything on my social media, clips from my podcast, random thoughts, hot selfies, it’s really a must follow.

Along with this blog I also have a podcast, Celibate and the Suburbs, where I will be talking about and rating Romantic Comedies weekly. Each episode drops on Wednesday and I’ll be diving into a new Romantic Comedy and deciding definitively if it is in fact a Romantic Comedy, if it’s good or not, and if it’s worth your time. You can find all the episode here on my site, or find them wherever you listen to podcasts!

I urge you not to Google the words Biracial Booty, unless you want to look at some nice asses, but I can only warn you, so Google at your own risk.

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