The Season Finale of Black History Month

    The season finale of Black History month was INSANEEEEEEE. And by the season finale I 100% mean the Black Panther premier weekend. This is my new favorite Marvel movie, with Captain America: Winter Soldier going to second and Spiderman Homecoming going to third. This movie is, as far as Marvel movies go, pretty good, …

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Biracial Representation

I can count the number of biracial men and women I know on one hand. I have a younger sister and brother, and two cousins who also have a white mother and a black father. I grew up not seeing myself represented in the media. When people talk about representation they usually speak broadly, there …

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My Favorite Makeup Youtubers

If you don't know, now you know: I'm obsessed with makeup. I love wearing it, doing it, learning about it, buying it, watching people wear it, EVERYTHING about makeup. One of my favorite activities is watching youtube videos from makeup and beauty influencers. It's been something that's made me feel better since as long as …

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