Another Weird Hinge Interaction

In a wild twist of fate, your girl is still single. Who is shocked? Raise your hand. I've been perusing Hinge and Bumble for the past few days, mostly for entertainment and attention, but also in the off chance I find the love of my life, I won't be mad. I matched with a kid on …

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I want to drop-kick anyone who talks about their diet

Giddy the fuck up or giddy the fuck out because this is about to be a wild ride ladies and gentlemen. This is my blog and I will complain about the things that I want to complain about. Read it or leave it. It's summertime, which means swimsuits and short shorts, and sundresses, and sleeveless …

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Welcome to Unemployment – Population: Me.

I turned 23 two weeks ago and not much feels different except for one huge thing: I’m unemployed. Well technically as I’m writing this, I'm still employed. But when you're reading this I will officially be unemployed, my first week of unemployment actually. If you read this blog, you already know this. And I just …

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