First off, apologies for not posting a Ruview last week. That was a my b... ANYWAYS. It was the mother effing SNATCH GAME this episode !!!!!! Snatch Game is THE episode of Drag Race. Queens wait for this all season, and it's a mile marker for getting far in the competition. Queens can rise to the occasion or …

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“Tonight I’m Serving Lerks” RPDR 10.4

Global Warming is real folks, Ru Paul said so. It's another installment in my Ru Paul's Drag Race Lupsync Reviews! Spoiler's ahead, read at your own risk. This week's main challenge was a Global Warming Ball. The Ball episodes are always some of my favorites because the looks that the queens turn out are AMAZING. …

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“Gunna remember me” RPDR 10.3

We are back back back back again hennies!!!! Okurrrrr *tongue pop* Am I a gay icon yet? I am back again with another RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 Lipsync review!! This week's main challenge was to create a tv commercial for the newest dating apps, End of Days, Fibr, and ButtrFace (can I get a spell …

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