The Vibes for October 2022

LET’S FUCKING GO! October is definitively the best month of the year. It’s the best New England weather, there are so many activities, so much to do, so many movies to watch. HALLOWEEN!? The best holiday other than Christmas. You can see the full vibes list on my Instagram per usual, but yet again I wanted to give some further insight into some of my goals and vibes for the next 31 days. The best 31 days.

Declutter/get rid of something

I have a running list in my planner of things I need to go through and declutter. Socks, underwear, sweatshirts, sneakers, bags, books. The list goes on and on and on. Breaking it up into smaller things makes it easier to go through. Instead of going through my entire closet, I’ll just go through category by category. One thing at a time. I think shoes are at the top of the list because they’re out in the open and taking up an absolutely absurd amount of space.

one thing to make your room better

This kind of goes with decluttering, but just pick one thing to make your room homier, better. I spend SO much time in my room during the fall and winter because I tend to not make plans, so I want my room to be absolutely perfect. First I’m decluttering, but then I want to redecorate one of my walls. Right now I have three paintings up that I did myself, but I want to replace them with shelves and move some of the knick knacks from my book shelf onto there. Tune in to maybe see me try to use a drill? Maybe another item on this list should be to find a boy to hang shelves for me…

Try a new recipe AND Make something without a recipe

ITS COOKING SEASON BABY! I don’t cook in the summer because my apartment doesn’t have central air and it’s borderline torture to try and even turn the oven or stove on, so now we’re back. Try a new recipe, something you know you’ll like. A soup, a salad, you can keep it simple. And then try to mak something just using your lil brain. You know what ingredients you like, you know what tastes good together, try it without thinking! Last fall I made a STELLAR tortellini soup out of random shit I had in my fridge, and it become my staple meal. Don’t be afraid, do it with stuff you already have so you don’t need to spend extra money, I believe in you.

Start Christmas present shopping

This may sound insane since it’s only October, but think about it. Most people don’t start Christmas shopping until after Thanksgiving, which gives you 2-4 paychecks depending on how often you get paid. But if we start two whole months earlier? We can plan ahead and not spend every single ounce of our savings in the first three weeks of December. You already know most of the people you need presents for anyways, why not get a head start? Even if it’s just saving links in a notesapp and buying them later, you at least can KNOW what you’re buying. I already have my Dad checked off, go me.

After work plans

This one will be legitimately hard for me. But I’m very much done crawling into bed the second work is over and just being in bed for the night. At 5pm. Pick low effort activities that you can do right from work. I left the office the other day and met a friend at the movies! Killed a couple hours and I got to see a friend I don’t see that often because. Easy PEEZEE. Take yourself shopping. Not errands, but actual shopping, treat yourself. Just get out of the house!

Puffy vests

Puffy vests are my all time favorite Fall/Early Spring outerwear. I’m so incredibly obsessed with them. I have two black ones and I’m in the market for a brighter one to spruce things up.

Here’s your reminder that this is MY goals and vibes list, not yours. I’m sharing for inspo, not as a demand, do what you please this October. Have a spooky good time besties.

Love you lots, Sarah

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