New Year, New Me!

January always means resolutions and changes. This year, instead of making drastic life changes, I am going for smaller things that will make me happier, and others happier as well. So peep my resolutions and see if you can adopt them into your daily life!

1. Give more compliments

Something I really want to try harder at is giving people compliments when they deserve it. Whether it’s in person or online, everyone loves a good compliment. If someone posts a picture on social media, it means they loved it enough to share it with the world, so giving them a compliment is going to be much appreciated. Sounds easy right? It is when it’s your close friends and family members, but what about strangers, and people you barely know on social media? That’s when it gets hard. I want to try and give more comments in total, not just to people I know and love, but to anyone I that I think deserve it. That means, commenting on people’s photos on Instagram, telling people in person, commenting on Facebook posts and photos, and any other way to send a compliment. I encourage you to do that same because it make’s you feel fantastic, and it will make someone’s day so much brighter, even if it feels weird at first.

2. Stop caring about social media

This one is not as dramatic as it sounds. I love social media, I think it’s great for connecting with people and sharing your thoughts. In no way do I want to give it up or use it less, although it would probably boost my productivity tenfold. I do think, however, that people care too much about what other’s think of them on social media. In the past, I have scrutinized over Instagram filters and captions, tweets, Facebook posts, and everything in between. I have friends that do the same. We send our potential posts to group chats to make sure they’re good enough to post, we complain when our photos don’t “get enough likes,” and so much more. I want to end that. If I think a photo is good, I’m going to post it on Instagram. If I have a tweet that I think is funny, it’s getting posted. If I have something that I consider insightful, I’ll post it on Facebook. If just one person responds or likes it, it mattered. Even if someone doesn’t, it still matters, because I thought of it, so it mattered to me. Who cares if your Snapchat story is too long, or you posted four Instagram’s in a row! If you like it, post it! As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, isn’t racist or offensive, post it up!

Easy, peezee, lemon, squeezee!! Tell people when they’re looking fly, and post whatever the hell you want on!


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