Ramble Time

Yet another day that I forgot to blog so I’m back tracking. Today is currently February 25th, but this will be posted for February 19th. When I say I forgot, I mean I had incredibly bad writers block, so I pushed off writing a blog, and then I simply never caught up.

So here I am, rambling. to keep up with my own personal goal of writing one blog a day. Clearly I am taking a rogue route with this considering there have been several days where I have not written a blog, but I back date them so it looks like I wrote the blog.

So yup. here we are. Pretend this is a comprehensive blog.

The idea of writing once a day seems easy, but then you get into ruts and don’t have anything to you want to write about, which makes it wildly fucking difficult. So play along, pretend this shit is actually happening.

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