2021 Resolutions I will actually stick to babbbbyy

I personally think resolutions are kind of dumb, no one ever fucking sticks to them. But, I’m using you people as my accountability because these goals are very easily attainable if I just get my lazy ass to work. So without further fucking ado, my 2021 resolution

Blog at least once a day

Okay… we all know how poorly this went last time. I lasted a little over 100 days in a row. But in my defense a global pandemic and a civil rights movement really through off my motivation and ambition to write… The rest of the year? I can’t really find an excuse for that. But I REALLY just want the little WordPress notification that says I’ve blogged for 365 days. I swear to fucking god I will have that this time next year. If I ever in my life want to be a professional writer, the thing I will have to do is write every single god damn day. So write every god damn day is what I shall do!

Bring back Celibate and the Suburbs and reach 50 episodes

Well, we’re working on this one already! The first episode will be out January 6th, and my plan is to launch a new episode weekly. 50 episodes will be just about a year, with a little wiggle room for possible vacations or hiccups. I think my new plan, to rate and talk about Rom Coms will end up working well, because Rom Coms are evergreen, dating relies on men. And we all know we cannot rely on men, especially not in these trying times. These trying times being your 20s.

Read 12 Books

If you’re new here, just know that I read a lot of Romance books. Kind of my schtick. This year I read 6, and while doubling that number seems wildly drastic and dramatic, 12 is only one a month. And I probably own about 15 books I haven’t even opened yet, so it shouldn’t be wildly difficult. I will say, I’m about one step away from reading the romance books with naked men on the cover. And I’m about two steps away from not caring if anyone knows that I read the romance books with naked men on the cover. We’ll see where this journey takes me.

I for sure had a few more of these, but honestly now I’m blacking out. But these three are the most important to me, and they’re all content related. We’re gunna be hella romantic over here at Biracial Booty. Will it spill into my personal life? Probably fucking not. But one can hope.

Hopefully you had a good and SAFE and small New Years Eve. Hopefully 2021 brings you all the shit you need and want in life, lord knows we all need it more than ever. Peace the FUCK out 2020, hate to know ya.

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