My LEAST Favorite Taylor Swift Songs

In the order I’m posting this, my favorite Taylor Swift songs blog hasn’t been posted yet, but time travel actually does exist, in the blog world at least, so you can check that out now. I think everyone has strong opinions on their favorite Taylor Swift songs, which is understandable, but what I have strong opinions on are her worst. The songs that are automatic skips. The songs I never listen to. The songs that it pained me to put them into the bracket. I simply HATE these songs. Even if they get stuck in my head and I end up jamming out to them… Still doesn’t mean they don’t suck… These are in no particular order this time, I just can’t even begin to rank these honestly.

Stay Stay Stay, Red

I mean… How can this song not be on this list. How the FUCK does this song end up on the same album as All Too Well. One of the worst songs ever written on the same album with one of the best and most well written songs of all time. HOW. Who approved that. Who listened to that song and said “yes, the people need to hear this.” I simply don’t understand it at all.

Mirrorball, Folklore

A lot of people will be mad at me for this one… But I despise this song. It’s an automatic skip every single time. Whenever I listen to Folklore I skip right through Mirror Ball, Seven, August, and This Is Me Trying. I enjoy August and This is Me Trying, but when I’m listening to the album as a whole, they’re skips. Sorry about it. I listened to it to write this blog, to confirm that I hated it, and it actually pained me so much to listen. I’m cringing as it’s playing. This is my live reaction actually, I’m typing as I’m frowning at my phone. I just… ew. It’s not even the lyrics, it’s just the production of it. I simply don’t enjoy it.

Seven, Folklore

Yikes. Sorry guys. But I mean. I don’t wike it. Nothing about this is enjoyable to me. I know people like this one too, but it’s gross and boring. Some of the verses are okay, but when she’s singing all high? No thanks.

Me, Lover

I think a lot of people will agree with me on this one. I know this song is trash because when the 5 year olds at dance request it I audibly grown every single time. It’s so strange and terrible at the same time. I don’t entirely even understand where she was going with this? But if I never hear it ever again, it will be way too soon.

You Need To Calm Down, Lover

Another one I think people will agree with me on. Taylor tried really hard to be a gay icon, but you can’t force yourself to be a gay icon, the gays need to decide. And the gays did not decide on her. Or at least, I don’t think they did. They don’t use her songs for lip syncs on Drag Race, so that’s what I’m basing my information on. But regardless, this song SUCKS.

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things, Reputation

Reputation get’s a lot of shit and I think it’s because of songs like this. I really like Reputation, but there are some TERRIBLE songs on this album. Some of the writing is very amateur, the production is weird, and the literal way Taylor sings on some of the songs is simply atrocious. Will I ever so often jam out to This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things occasionally? Perhaps. But every time I do it, I regret it and get mad at myself.

Bad Blood, Reputation

Some people like this song, some people hate it, I don’t like it. It’s not an automatic skip like some of these songs, but I’ll start it, remember I hate it, and then skip it. I also think the drama behind this song was so incredibly boring. Like I don’t actually care about it at all.

What are your least favorite songs? Are you personally offended by these picks? Sorry about it.

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