The Vibes for August 2022

She’s back from the blogging grave… yet again. I wish I could say I’ll be more consistent with this but, my track record would prove otherwise. Anyways. New tradition: The Vibes of the new month. Starting with August, because you don’t need to wait for new years to start new traditions and goals.

You can see the full “mood board” if you will on my Instagram (which, TBH I assume a lot of you came from there anyways), but if not, hmu @biracialbooty. The full list is on Insta too, and I’ll probably make a Tik Tok because obviously, but I want to hit on a few specifics.

Stop Trying to Be Aesthetic

The “clean girl” look and “that girl” aesthetic are every other video on my Tik Tok FYP these days and while I can appreciate a clean and sterile looking apartment, a top tier morning routine, and using expensive skin and hair care products, it’s unrealistic 99% of the time. Don’t hold yourself to standards that are being paid for and sponsored by brands. And aesthetics that have been built on Tik Tok are just the highlight reels. Your apartment doesn’t need to be cute to be clean, and you don’t need a 5a – 9a morning routine, you can roll out of bed 5 minutes before you need to leave for work or 1 minute before you need to sign on if you WFH.

YA Romances

I fucking love a good YA romance novel. Specifically, ones that take place during summer. They’re peak dreamy vibes for me. I never had cutesy summer romance growing up, but I love to read about them. I found this GREAT list from Reading Middle Grade, with 25 Swoony YA Romances about Summer. My suggestions are: The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han, 99 Days by Katie Catugno, and Love and Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch. I checked out a few from the library the other day so more to come in that department – and more Black and POC for sure.

Start a New Habit/Routine

This one is mine: creating a mood board, vibes, goals, to do list for the new month. There are many variations of these on the internet, especially with influencers and content creators. Eli Rallo has a really good In/Out list – a la Massie Block’s State of the Union. But I’ve never seen myself as an “influencer” per say, more so just a person who happens to have 70k+ followers on Tik Tok… I don’t plan out most of my content, I’m not trying to make money (though when it comes it’s dope). I’m just posting for funsies. I’ve always just been myself, not trying to push anything on anyone (except Beach Read and Take A Hint Dani Brown). So do what you will with this list. It’s MY list at the end of the day, I’m posting for inspo, I’d never judge anyone for going against it because that would make me an absolutely crazy person?

Flirty & fun in a romanticize your life dreamy type of way

When I think of August I just see everything with one of those Instagram story filters that makes everything kinda blurry, like your camera has sunscreen or grease on it, with sparkles all over the place. And THAT is how I want the overall vibes of this month to be. It screams disco and pop music, fun and flirty outfits, tan and glimmering skin. Lots and lots of highlighter and blush (even though I also said minimal face makeup, but that can be your only face makeup !!!). It’s the overarching vibe of the month. It’s a take yourself on a date month. Hot girl walks up the wazoo. Treat yourself to iced coffees and pedicures. Paint your nails fun pastels and neon colors. Post like crazy on your Instagram story, and bring back the chaotic-ness of the original Instgram. The app is dying anyways, turn off your like count, and just post whatever the fuck you want.

Love you besties, have a good August!

Xoxo, Sarah

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