A Year In Review

I took some inspiration from my friend Olivia, who posted one photo from each month of 2018 on her Instagram Story. There will be an Instagram story sesh as well, but I also wanted to do a post to fully explain some of these events, because a lot happened in the past 365 days.


We lost a friend.


I didn’t start 2018 out on the greatest note. My sorority found out that we had lost one of our sisters, Tiffany Obi. It’s been a year without her and I still think about her every day. Any time I read something about black hair care, or see a tweet about anime, or even just eat brownies, I think of Tiffany. Tiffany was the kind of person that could make you smile within 5 seconds of meeting her. She gave the BEST hugs, and she truly embodied what it meant to be a friend and a sister. She worked her butt off at school and in Alpha Omega. She took on one of the hardest positions in AO the year she joined, and always put her all into planning fundraising events for our chapter. After our long chapter meetings, Tiffany would stay in our meeting room to do homework and study. She put 100% into everything she did, with no exceptions. I miss her every day and I know she’s looking down on all of us and her family. January was a rough month for those that knew Tiffany, but Alpha Omega got through it together, and we rely on each other constantly for support. Love you all.  

I promise the rest of this post won’t be sad, but I couldn’t do a year in review without mentioning this. I love you always, Tiff.

I started a blog (again).

But you’re reading this so you know what I do.


We felt the effects of global warming on an 80-degree day.


Which we obviously celebrated with a Darty… When March and April roll around I’m going to miss the Dartys at Lowell the most. Just porch chillin at Sig Tau or SigO and shooting the shit with friends over some beers — or in my case Redds Wicked Apple ciders. Everyone always tries to take cute pictures, everyone being me, and they always turn out horribly. Someone gets sunburned. Someone misses class. Someone’s always asking for the wifi password to do homework. It’s the perfect summary of the college experience honestly.

We got dressed up fancy and drank mimosas and expresso martinis on a Sunday.


The annual Alpha Omega brunch is a February staple. It includes my favorite things: my sisters, mimosas, a brunch buffet, and dressing fancy. All around a great time. I looked like a smoke and drank literally all day, it’s really all I can ask for from a Sunday. 


I celebrated the 55.1% Irish in me.


St Patrick’s day happened to fall on the Saturday of my Spring Break so I was home and more easily able to celebrate my heritage in Boston. My favorite thing about St Patrick’s day is that it falls right after Black History Month so I’m just constantly celebrating me — Which is my favorite thing to celebrate! St Patty’s day this year was truly one of the most fun nights. I don’t know if it was the 7 McGuillicuddies (SP??) nips I had before going to the bar, or the huge group of friends I went with, or even the chicken fingers my friend’s ex got me. Everything made me forget about the $40 I paid to get in the door… 


I went alumni and had the best formal date in the game.

At the end of every school year, my sorority hosts an Alumni Dinner where we celebrate the accomplishments of the active and alumni chapters and celebrate the sisters going alumni. You know what that meant for me? More celebrating of me! I also had the true honor and privilege of taking Mr. Brian Madigan as my formal date. If anyone’s considering him as a formal date consider this my stamp of approval, 5 out of 5 stars for Brian. Although he didn’t have that much competition considering he’s the first formal date I’ve technically had… (if you’re reading this so sorry, I promise I’m over it, I just like to laugh at myself, ily). I had the honor of winning “most enthusiastic” in my sorority, which if you know me you know is damn well true. I watched my little win an award dedicated to her best friend, and I cried when my big and little read a speech about me going alumni.


We graduated.


I did it, folks. I survived 16 years of public school. I graduated college, with honors might I add, and celebrated at our favorite Lowell bar, Dudleys. While the ceremony was boring af, sorry but Nicki Tsongas was a horrendous commencement speaker, 2/10, the night was full of fun. I got hammered off a scorpion bowl after Olivia decided it would be okay if I drank the whole thing myself. I somehow found Gabby (who doesn’t go to UML) and wandered into my upstairs neighbor’s apartment to play with their cat. All in all, a great night that I, unfortunately, don’t remember too well (sorry mom).


We danced.

I spent June hitting up the oh so glamorous ‘Debi’s Dance Studio Recital Circut’. We started with Center Stage’s recital where we found a new love of frose (that’s frozen rose for those that are uncultured). We found the love after the recital, I promise. Then we danced in our recital where I had to tape my leggings to me because they kept falling down. YAY! And we finally finished at Debi’s Dance Studio where we were sadly rejected from the kickline yet again. June is my favorite time of year for all of the hustle and bustle of recital season. From untangling backdrops from lights to trying to get 20 toddlers in tap shoes to stand still to trying to detach small children from your legs, it’s truly the most wonderful time of the year. Unfortunately, we found out this year that it was Debi’s last recital, she has passed down her studio and retired to Florida. Debi, if you’re reading this, thank you for teaching dance because without you I wouldn’t have danced at Catch The FUNk and I wouldn’t have met my best friends. True butterfly effect type situation.


I took way too many bikini pics.

Are you sick of pictures of me in a bikini yet? July was spent laying by the pool on the weekends and working my brand new marketing job on the weekdays. It was a mildly uneventful month, but it was filled with Sunday Swims and countless games of Codenames.


I got a tattoo.

2018-08-11 22:22:38.917

There’s something to be said about when me and Maryanne Gallagher hang out. I throw all caution out of the window and do whatever she tells me. From chugging drinks to dying my hair blue to getting a tattoo. Me, Maryanne, and my brother Ben traveled to Lynn and I got my very first tattoo. I didn’t write a blog post on it so here’s the quick version about why I got it: It’s taken me a while to learn to love myself. To love my thick thighs, my curly natural hair, my freckles, my overbite. But I’m there. I’m obsessed with myself some might say. So what better way to remind me of this daily than a tattoo on the inside of my wrist? When I was deciding where to get the tattoo, it was between my wrist and my hip, the tattoo artist said, “go for the wrist, it’s badass that you love yourself like that, you gotta show it off.” I was sold (obviously). 


I took an outdoor shower.

Processed with VSCO with jm1 preset

I also went to Narragansett with some friends. But the outdoor shower was a highlight of the trip to be completely honest. You haven’t felt full freedom until you’ve showered butt naked in a strangers backyard. Truly a riveting experience. Narragansett had its ups and most certainly had its downs… But new friendships were formed, car seats were assigned, and a tradition was formed. See you next labor day folks! 


We watched Julian Edelman come back.

Julian Edelman is my favorite New England Patriot and unfortunately, I didn’t get to watch him play for well over a season. After a season-ending injury and a supposed PED issue, we went into week five of the 2018 season without having seen Jules since Super Bowl 51. I missed him so, and when my cousin offered me his tickets to the game against the Colts with Julian’s triumphant return, I couldn’t turn it down. I took Chinthu to her first Pat’s game and watched my boys kick some Colts ass. Oh and Tom Brady threw his 500th touchdown pass… I LOVE YOU TOUCHDOWN TOMMY.

I went back to college.

Most people know I went to and graduated from Umass Lowell. I highly dislike the hype around Umass Amherst, but I had to see it for myself at this year’s homecoming. It was crazy to say the least… I threw up on the side of the parking lot, my mom watched me shotgun, my dad swore for what I think was the first time in 22 years, and I drank for well over 12 hours for the first time since graduating college. It was a weekend spent getting made fun of by my little brother and Gabby using my ass a literal seat.


We went to Miami. 


We capped off 2018 with an eventful weekend trip to Miami. Chinthu and I had one of the best and worst weekends traveling down to watch the Patriots take on their AFC East rivals the Miami Dolphins. Murphy’s Law was in full effect and everything that could go wrong went wrong… Our boarding passes had the wrong gate on the ticket so we sat at the wrong gate up until about 5 minutes before takeoff and took a brisk walk to the correct gate. Our connecting flight was delayed 3 hours so we didn’t get to our hotel until 11pm on Saturday. We missed breakfast on Sunday. The Patriot’s lost in the LAST. SEVEN. SECONDS. On a miracle play from Miami that included several lateral passes… The Miracle in Miami was a disaster for Patriots fans everywhere. So yeah. Wasn’t great. But it was still fun. We’ll try again next year.

That’s a wrap

Thank you 2018 for a good one. I look forward to all that 2019 will bring me, hopefully, love and money, but I’ll also take vacations and the impeachment of one Mr. Donald Trump.

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