This One Scene In The First Episode of Love Is Blind Is The Only Thing I Care About

I know I’m a little late on the whole Love is Blind thing, but I’m officially on the bandwagon and binging the fuck out of it. The very first god damn episode really just sets the pace and brings us one of the most spectacularly stupid and ignorant moments in reality TV history and I truly have not stopped laughing about it.

There are so many things to discuss with this. First off, anytime a person says African American in a normal setting, it makes me so incredibly uncomfortable I cannot even begin to explain it. Usually, it’s a white person trying to be PC and show they’re not racist, but it really really really just weirds me out so much. You know Lauren knew right away that this man was capital W, white from the way he phrased it. No god damn self-respecting black person would have said it in that way.

Lauren’s reaction is fucking stellar. She’s right, the entire point of this is to not know what the other person looks like, that’s the name of the mother fucking game. And for this guy to just ASSUME she’s black from the way she speaks, thank you NEXT. When she lies and says she’s white, I lost my shit. That is the absolute best thing to do in this scenario other than calling him out for his racist and ignorant bullshit. Just straight up LIE and make him feel like an idiot. The whole 22 second clip has me rolling.

This guy reminds me of this fucking absolute PYSCHOpath on tik tok that “loves African American women” and always posts about how much he loves his “black girlfriend” (who he never shows in videos so we can only assume she’s fake). And he makes videos of him talking about how much he loves black women with Brown Skin Girl by Beyonce playing softly and ominously in the background. His entire account is just fetishizing black women and it’s actually terrifying. I wish I could find some of his videos to show you how scary it is. He posted one video where he was pulling “a black woman’s hair” out of a brush and said something along the lines of, “from my very much real black girlfriend.” It looked like a video that gets put in a documentary about a serial killer so they can talk about the signs. I mean come on, black girls don’t use fucking hair brushes… That is just not how natural hair works. Anyways, I digress, this Jon guy just seems like a fucking weirdo and based off this one line from him I can only assume he has never seen a black woman in real life and he exclusively watches black girl porn alone in his mom’s basement.

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