I’m Sorry But I Need To Talk About How F**king WEIRD Will Schuester Is Again

I’m in yet another Glee hole, and I just cannot stop thinking about how god damn psycho Will Schuester is. Why in God’s green earth did he perform Toxic by Britney Spears IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE SCHOOL?

This song bops outside of the context of the show, but the SECOND you remember that this TEACHER is performing this song with his 15-17-year-old students in front of the entire High School, it kind of makes you want to vomit. It’s a sexy as shit song, and I actually will never be able to get the vision of Will Schuester’s undershirt showing through his button up out of my head. I just… What on earth is happening.

Let’s also add in that the reason he is even performing with his students is to seduce the guidance counselor, who is shown visible uncomfortable throughout the entire scene. Ms. Pillsbury encapsulates everything I’m feeling about this performance.

Somehow, said performance ends up creating, in the words of Sue, a Britney Spears sex riot, and not a school wide petition to get Will Schuester fired. Will has done some absurd things in this show, but THIS, should have gotten his teacher license taken away and his ass thrown in jail for even the THOUGHT.

This is officially an Anti-Will Schuester blog. That will NOT be tolerated. This is a safe space for christ’s sake.

Take a shot everytime I wrote performance in this blog. Sorry.

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