Drug Store Makeup is Just F**king Stellar Honestly: Face Edition

Everyone knows me as a makeup addict. I fucking LIVE for it. I’m constantly trying new products, testing things out, telling my friends what to buy. And I’m a fucking SLUT for drugstore makeup. Up until decently recently, I was a broke-ass bitch, I couldn’t afford to buy high end makeup all the time, not as much as I wanted to anyways. And now that I have a little bit more money, I still don’t really want to spend it on expensive makeup when I can get drugstore stuff for just as cheap. That just seems dumb!!!!

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a couple things that I always buy high end, setting spray and mascara I almost ALWAYS buy expensive versions. And I’ve been on a big Murad kick lately, so I’ve been splurging on that. But for the most part, I’m a drug store gal. I spend legit hours in Ulta in the drugstore section picking through makeup, and I’m here to tell you my absolute favorites. People always ask me anyways, so might as well write something about it! I could go on for about a decade about this so we’re going to break it up into segments, starting with your base.


Wet N’ Wild Photo Focus foundation is probably one of the least expensive but best foundations I have ever fucking worn. It has buildable coverage, but can really go fullcoverage if you need it, and it stays put and doesn’t oxidize (aka turn orange later in the day). Oh and it’s LESS THAN SEVEN FUCKING DOLLARS. I’ve seen it for $5 before. That’s a fucking STEAL. Their color range is absolute TRASH, and I wish it had a pump, but you know what, for less than $7 what can you do.

Maybelline Fit Me Line is my holy grail. Their setting powders, blushes, concealers, both foundation formulas are all fan-fucking-tastic. And it makes it SOOOO easy to make sure everything is the right shade for you because everything is numbered! Once you find out your foundation shade, you can then find the perfect blush, setting powder, baking powder, and concealer. Their loose powder is my favorite, it’s the only thing I use to set my foundation. And if I want to go for a light makeup look, I swirl some on my face with a dense brush and call it a day, its *chef’s kiss*.

Milani Rose Powder Blush is my fave for a subtle burst of life on my face. I never used to like blush, but the color romantic rose is just subtle enough that it makes me look alive, but not like I just stepped out of a time machine from the 80s.

There is no highlighter I love more than Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlighter. My protip is do your entire face of makeup except for highlighter, and spray your face with setting spray and before it’s dry use a fluffy brush and put on your highlight and just wait for the GLOW. And baby, when I say glow I mean GLOW with a capital G L O W. It’s *chef’s kiss*

There aren’t too many great setting sprays that I’ve found at the drug store that hit the level as Urban Decay All Nighter, but Morphe Continuous Setting Mist is pretty close. It does set your makeup, but I don’t find that it’s always the same long lasting effects. But I LOVE the spray on this. It’s so soft and doesn’t make me feel wet at all.

I’m not a big concealer fan, I don’t use it on my face too often, but do use it as an eyeshadow primer and I truly don’t know where I’d be without the Elf 16hr wear Camo Concealer, the original one not the hydrating one. It keeps my eye makeup in place all god damn day and makes my shadows so GD vivid, it’s amazing. Stellar. Truly wonderful.

I’m a huge slut for E.L.F cosmetics honestly, they used to be not so great, and everything cost $1, but they stepped up their game BIG time. Like Huge. The E.L.F Bronzer Pallet is literally my favorite bronzer on the planet and it costs $8. EIGHT DOLLARS. FOR FOUR SHADES. How the HELL is that possible!?

Hopefully, this helps you save some coin, and I’ll be back soon with eyes, and skincare!!!

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