Sunday Ramble II

Hello, hello! We have survived another week in quarantine. Yay for us! I’m still going crazy over here, but we’re surviving. I’m not sure what I want to ramble about today at all. My head hurts and I’m wicked fucking tired. I woke up at 4:30am just wide fucking awake, and then the fucking birds would not shut up. So I laid in bed until almost 7am until I finally fell back asleep, but I’m still exhausted. By the grace of God himself, my boss moved our typical 9am phone call to 1pm so I get to sleep in!!!!!!!!! And to top it all off, Starbucks is open again, so I will be getting myself some much needed caffeine tomorrow morning.

Enough about me, how are YOU? Are you sleeping okay? Remembering to eat? I keep forgetting, I hope that doesn’t make me sound crazy. I always end up inhaling a bagel around 11 for breakfast/lunch, and then forgetting to eat again until 9 or 10pm. Not great for the health ladies and gents, I’m trying I promise.

I hope everyone is doing okay, if anyone wants to facetime, I’m here, more bored than ever. Call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me!!! I actually am just about to start a wicked cool new project, not for the blog or for work, but hopefully will help me grow as a writer AND a marketer. So kinda both for the blog and work… Deets on that will be coming soon! Stay safe, wear a mask, socially distance yourselves, and wash your god damn hands.

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