Top 5 Things I Miss In Quarantine

Sad girl hours???? Maybe? I dunno, we’ve been in this shit for a while and our boy Baker just announced the phases of reopening for MA and it got me missing stuff even more. There’s a light at the end of tunnel, kind of? And it almost made everything worse. God damn I just want to leave my house.

5. The Girls

I mean, duh. From my home friends, to my school friends, to my dance friends, I miss them so fucking much. Yeah, I can zoom and facetime and text, but it doesn’t feel the same at all. I need that personal interaction! I wanna sit in my friend’s basement and watching shitty movies. Diagnosed with a bad case of missing the girls. :/

4. Brunch

UGH. The weather is getting nice, Sundays feel long, and all I want is breakfast food with my friends. My favorite diner has been closed this whole quarantine and god fucking damn it I need it so badly. My favorite summer days are breakfast out and then sitting by the pool.

3. Concerts

I’m a hoe for concerts and I already had several lined up for this summer, but now they’re all canceled or postponed. There’s nothing better than seeing your favorite song performed live. It’s fucking electric. And summer concerts? They just hit different. Carefree, lively, hella sweaty, hella fun.

2. Bars & Going Out

It seems like everyone misses this. Everyone in their early twenties at least. Cute outfits, bad decisions, dancing with mediocre boys, late night food, there’s so much to miss about going out. Do I miss spending a million dollars to uber home? Not really. But I miss the thrill of knowing the uber is around the corner and you have to chug your drunk, pee, and potentially change your outfit, all in a matter of minutes. Oh what I wouldn’t give to be sweating in a skeevy Boston bar, vodka water in hand, trying to both attract a guy and avoid them all at the same time. It’s a science.

1. TJ Maxx and Marshalls

I mean… is there any better place? I was going to put Target on this list, but I can still technically go there if I want to. It should be for essential things only, but one can argue that everything in Target is essential. But TJ Maxx and Marshalls have been closed since the very beginning and I miss them so much. I miss wandering around, trying to find some hidden treasures, inevitably leaving with a bunch of shit I don’t need at all. I want to make a beeline to the makeup and skincare section and search through piles of shit to find high end items for way cheap. I mostly miss buying my Murad water gel moisturizer for $20 instead of $60. Yes, you heard that right. And I refuse to spend a full $60 on it.

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