The Best “My Plans // 2020” Tweets

Twitter is back at it again. I love that this site is just free and accessible to the world. This trend is fucking hysterical and depressing at the same time because it’s so god damn true. 2020 started off pretty great for me, and as far as I can tell, a lot of other people too. And look at us now. Quarantined at home, no summer in site. SAD. It’s expectation vs reality quarantine edition.

That one’s fucking dark and depressing… YIKES.

I’m watching Avatar on Netflix right now so this one is HYSTERICAL to me.

This is a hysterical trend, and there are so many more that I don’t even get, but I know someone out there gets it because so many of these have thousands of likes and retweets. Keep it coming Twitter, this is the content I needed.

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