Welcome Back Sarah, V Cards (or the lack there of), and Moving The Plot Forward

Wow, hey, it’s been a minute. I feel like I’m that guy who you used to hook up with, and you haven’t spoken to in months but every so often he’ll hit you with a “what are you up to” text out of the blue. Like, that’s fully me right now.

So what are you guys up to?

Have I written a blog in a while? No. Did I write a blog saying I wanted to write more a few months ago? Yes. Sometimes we’re a little bit flakey and that’s okay! If you’re new here, I’m Sarah, the same Sarah you probably follow on Tik Tok, just a writer version. I’ve run this blog since my senior year of college, and what started off as a way to pass time in class turned into one of my favorite hobbies and a full blown brand. Well, not an actual brand, but my brand. Writing about boys, dating, pop culture, rom coms, march madness brackets (non-sports ones don’t worry), and literally everything inbetween. Honestly, it’s my Carrie Bradshaw fantasy.

Anyways, we’re here, we’ve got an open bottle of wine, and we’re drinking it straight from the bottle, and we have thoughts.

Thoughts on what you may ask? Well dating, obviously. When do I have thoughts on literally anything else. I’m incredibly tipsy and ready to spill the damn tea on my love life – or lack there of.

Speaking of things that don’t exist – my virginity. I lost it. At the ripe age of 25. If you don’t know me personally you’re probably like what the fuck? I was a late bloomer, what are you gunna do about it. I never really talked about it online, not really because I was ashamed but because I didn’t want to make it a thing or a big deal. I wasn’t The Virgin, I just was one. It wasn’t my whole personality. My lack of sexual experience still isn’t my whole personality – it’s not something that defines me.

Don’t get it twisted, I wasn’t like it was a lack of trying. Things just always got in the way – usually alcohol, or my undiagnosed ADHD making me forget to text men back. But the short story is that it finally did happen, and why I’m choosing to share it with a bunch of strangers I’m not sure. Maybe it’s the wine (I’ve actually switched to prosecco, in a glass), maybe it’s my toxic trait of oversharing on the internet, who knows, but writing this felt necessary. I think this blog has always been very cathartic for me, even when it’s light and airy, it’s my way of saying things that I never know how to. For whatever reason I can type this big “secret” out so much easier than I can say it outloud. I’ve been debating writing this for months honestly. If we’re being honest, after we had sex, he asked me “are you going to write a blog about this?” So on some level, I knew I had to for that reason alone. Do it for the plot, baby.

I’ve decide, first and foremost, I will be doing shit to move the plot forward. I’m in the begining of my romantic comedy era, and that simply cannot start without some chaotic dating decisions. I need the set up before the meet cute and the happily ever after. I’m 25 (about to be 26) living in the city, with endless opportunity at my finger tips. Good, bad, and absolutely bat shit opportunities lie ahead. I turn 26 in just about a month, and I am determined to make it a good year. I feel like people always say that, and I truly think I have lived a good and fun life up until this point, but I really want to get more out of my comfort zone this year. Especially in terms of dating. What that means, I’m not sure, but we’ll figure it out as we go. And this time I don’t mean we as in me, I mean literally we, because I will be sharing it all, per usual. Whether it’s on tik tok, or here, or simply in my instagram stories, thoughts and experiences will be shared, you can bet on it. How can I move the plot forward if I don’t document it!? Silly to even think about not posting about it honestly.

So stay tuned, for hopefully more blogs just as chaotic as this one. And a hopefully chaotic good 26th year of my life.

Love you lots, Sah

PS I think I want to start signing off on these blogs? Seems cute and quirky and fun. And I’m cute and quirky and fun, god damn it!

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