@KFCBarstool got in a Twitter Fight with the entire country of Serbia and it’s hilarious.

Alright, saddle up fuckers. KFC, if you’re reading this, what’s up. To everyone else, hey. Everyone knows I want to work at Barstool, and today on radio, Kevin made, what I think might have been a joke, saying if someone compiled the best tweets from his war with Serbia, he would consider them for an internship. So, I quite literally dropped everything I had to do today to write this blog. I’m not kidding, I dropped my phone down a flight of stairs when I went to go find my laptop. It’s fine, thanks for asking.

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I don’t know jack shit about basketball, but apparently, there was some sort of worldwide tournament in which America lost. I’m sorry, what? Other countries have comparable basketball teams? Is that ignorant of me? Probably. Do I care? Not really. KFC fired off this tweet and in the same way Gavrilo Princip started World War I by killing Archduke Franz Ferdinand, KFC started World War 3.

Somehow, a few days later, news reached Serbia that this blogger and radio host from New York City was talking shit, and the Serbians were all hands on deck, ready to take him down. Just add the Serbians to the long list of people that hate Kevin Clancy…

I mean, these are just a few of the ones KFC was responding to. There are honestly thousands to dig through. The bulldozer is out and I’m ready to find the best of the best.

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‘Stupid look’  might be my favorite insult. It’s just so straight and to the point, yet also confusing. Are you referring to his general appearance or the way that he’s looking at the camera? Who knows. Also, IRL means in real life, why are we typing out “In RL” when there is a shortcut for the whole phrase…

I mean, bro… You’re like two years too late on this one. We been knew.

Throw this bad boy into Google Translate and you get: “Some cheeseburger will not disrespect our country… And our rich history 🙂 haha then gyspsy pact… Fuck NATO and America.” I love that calling an American a cheeseburger is an insult to this person. Cheeseburgers are delicious, debatably one of the best foods there are in America.

We’re all aware America sucks. We’re just not used to sucking in sports.

Translation: you whore for 100 dinars hehe. In case you were wondering, 100 dinars is 8 cents USD. Apparently, KFC is the cheapest of the cheap whores… Sorry, Kevin.

He makes a fantastic point here.

I feel like Kevin will take this one as a compliment? Any comparison to Bradley Cooper is a good comparison. Unless you said I looked like Bradley Cooper was skinned alive and only the insides remained. But even then… I think if I was a guy I’d want to look like the insides of Bradley Cooper over looking like normal me. Just me? I’ll see myself out.

Is this supposed to be a dig? You have an outdoor toilet… That’s over 200 years old… That’s one of the worst things I can possibly imagine. What the fuck.

We stan self-deprecation.

I don’t take trains often, but do we not have at least one highspeed train?

Do we think these guys think they’re actually speaking with Colonel Sanders?

a classic, ‘your mama’ joke. 12/10.

I’m so lost… What did he lie about? Someone fill me in, please.

Translation: “Who are you, one horse.” Kevin is in fact not a horse. Well actually, I cannot confirm or deny that fact, Kevin, care to chime in?

Translation: Smokes dick buddy


As a Patriots fan, I will have to agree with this one… Sorry.

And finally. The creme de la creme (I have no idea if I spelled that right and I don’t feel like googling it):

Translation: I got three more bags of green beans in the freezer, pussy!

These were some of the most insane, yet hilarious responses to Kevin’s tweet and I’m glad that I took myself on this journey. Kevin, if you’re looking for an intern please consider these following about myself:

  • I’m pretty fucking funny
  • I’m half black AND a female, get you some diversity
  • I live and breathe social media, so this type of “grunt work” is fun for me
  • I’ll try my very hardest to not make you feel bad about being a Jets fan — unless you need someone to rile you up for The Goddamn Jets, in which case, I’m your gal.
  • I despise Yankees fans

There are several other great things about me, but that’s all I can think of right now. Thanks for reading folks.

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